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    • Gallup -- State of the American Workplace, 2017:  Key learnings can be found on the executive summary found on page 3, where recognizing the need to shift from a command and control to a coaching, strengths based culture takes center stage.  71% of managers remain disengaged and only 21% of employees agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.
      • Gallup -- State of the American Manager, 2015  Key Learning:  70% of workers remain disengaged, 65% of managers.  With just 18% of mangers having the talent to effectively lead - beyond their technical capabilities and knowledge - it's no wonder cultures are suffering and billions of dollars in productivity continue to leak out of the system.
      • Globoforce -- Talent Retention White Paper, 2015 -- Key Learning: Creating a positive work culture where employees feel values, supported and engaged in their work will not only help retain your employees but also can impact your company's bottom line.  Consider implementing policies and programs that cultivate happiness at work.
      • Cone Communications – Social Impact Study, 2013 Key Learning: when companies support social and environmental issues, Millennials respond with increased trust (91 percent) and loyalty (89 percent) as well as a stronger likelihood to buy those companies’ products and services (89 percent).


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